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Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts magazine No 63 

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From the Chairman mark 

Moving on; health committee re-groups; more than a group of instructors
Getting the full pie pg 17  Jenny Peters on the importance of experiencing the full range of tai chi chuan
Comment jr A new look, a new team; made for the members; tell us your stories Tai chi & bagua pg 21  Dov Weisenberger explores the connections between tai chi and bagua
The constant bear page 06 James Chan translates Cheng Man'ching's treatise on the 'constant bear' Yin and yang in gigong pg25  In the first of a series Peter Deadman explores the yin yang elements in gigong
Connectivity in tai chi pg-08  Tina Faulkner Elders tells us that connectivity is a vital concept The History marnix  Marnix Wells continuess his exploration of the origins of the tai chi we practise
Tai chi in the park pg-09 parki  One man's journey from a sun lounger to open air tai chi. Qigong in cancer care pg 32  Tina Faulkner Elders, lead on the TCUGB health committee, discusses how gigong can help cancer patients
Meet the Teacher pg-12  Mike Henderson. From Orkney to Hawick creating Border Tai Chi Book Review pg33 
Malcolm Davy-Barnes reviews Andrea Mary Falk's 
A Shadow on Fallen Blossoms, The 36 and 48 traditional verses of baguazhang

Breathing pg-13  During the pandemic Luigi Zanini put his martial art passion to use teaching his colleagues to breathe Odds @ the end pg 34 
A few random items



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