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From the Directors Gered gedes 

Matters moving forward: a new website and a new social fund
A journey to wellbeing
Marge morgan 
I can hardly believe I have been practising qigong for the last ten years.That has to be, one of the biggest commitments I have ever made to looking after my health and well-being writes Marge Morgan
Comment jr Is lockdown still affecting us? We have a survey on page 18. But new students are still slow to arrive. How was your lockdown?
survey pic 
It was a strange time. In some ways the lockdown crept up on us, there was talk of
’herd immunity’; Then, suddenly, we were told to stay home. And if we disobayed there were stiff penalties.
Five section teaching
5-section  Is Sam Masich’s five
section programme a
beginner’s programme or
preparation for
traditional training?
Working the five elements 5-elements  At the online Caledonia Festival in 2020 Pym van den Broek taught some exercises with a chair. Exercises he used during the lockdown.
 Tai chi Vs Zumba zumba  Maybe you saw the programme comparing tai chi and zumba on BBC 2’s Trust me I’m a Doctor?
Mark Peters reports the findings
Ba duan jin - hunting the eight treasures ba duan jin Historically, as with many traditional systems, the proof
of origin is slightly jaded writes Christopher Handbury
Qigong at Samye-Ling samye ling  Back at Samye Ling after the long recess to practise with an enthusiastic group guided by Bob Lowey  Tai chi in combat Combat Robin Gamble interviews Barry McGinlay, world tai chi champion, and European gold
  Odds @ the end cartoon 
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