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From the Directors


We are back in print and other matters
Meet our directors
We profile the directors of the
tai chi union
Comment jr After a year in the post the editor considers the changes he has seen Tai chi
and the Argentine tango
tai chi tango  It's not strictly tai chi but Bob Murray looks at Yang Chengfu's ten principles in the Argentine tango
Tai chi Spirals
G pic spirals  'G' Hamilton on the importance of spirals in tai chi The Wudang lineage Wudan Betty S  Betty Sutherland explains the lineage of Wudang tai chi
 Stepping up from 24 to 108 steping up  Peter Karran takes us from Yang 24 step to the 108 long form  Tai chi in combat Combat  Robin Gamble interviews Neil Rosiak on 30 years of tai chi and its martial aspects
Teaching tai chi in schools teaching kids - book  Phil Wright on teaching tai chi in schools Pushing hands in Prague
pushing in prague 
Helmut Oberlack reports on this year's International Push Hands Meeting in Prague
  Odds @ the end vicar cartoon
A few random items



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