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Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts magazine No 65 

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From the Chairman mark 

It's all about the passion
Tai chi in the mirror mirror  Should we practise tai chi on 'the other side?' Mike Henderson advocates the idea
Comment jr 20 years of Tai Chi Day and is western medicine catching up? The social importance of tai chi social  We all love our tai chi classes but there is a social side that shouldn't neglected, says Emma Lee
World Tai Chi Day
wtcd April 30th is World Tai Chi Day. We report on previous years A silent retreat retreat  Sue Platt reports on a silent Chen retreat in the Spanish mountains
 Zhan zhuang Zhan  The internal athlete. Zhan zhuang can be key to developing power in tai chi chuan  Strange encounters JP  Jenny Peters on strange people and stranger ideas
Qigong - a history qigong  Gordon Faulkner tells the history of quigong It's cold in there ice  Believe it or not, swiming in ice is popular. Tai chi teacher Mark Guest compares his passions
Yin and yang in gigong pg25  The third in the series Peter Deadman discusses the internal and external styles Odds @ the end cartoon 
A few random items

The Tao of tai chi lowental  Well know as a biographer of Cheng Man-ch'ing Wolf Lowenthal teaches the spiritual aspects of tai chi      


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