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Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts magazine No 64 

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From the Chairman mark 

Working to improve/regional officers/Dan Docherty
Page 6 update on copyright
Song the  core of tai chi chuan page 06  James Chan translates Cheng Man'ching's essay on the importance of 'song'
Comment jr Dan Docherty, a tai chi legend and legacy The importance of weapons sword  Mark Peters explains why we should practice weapons forms
Dan Docherty
A tai chi journey

dddan mug Suse Coon follows Dan's jouney from karate to tai chi legend Meet the teacher teacher  Jan Dickson and Marion Copeland teach in Glasgow's East End
 Tributes to Dan Docherty dan&bob  There were many tributes to Dan from students and colleagues  Book Review book  Jenny Peters reviews Carl Bateman's Sun Style postures.
Mark Peters considers its Companion
What is the future for tai chi chuan? futre  What does the future
hold for tai chi? Robert
Agar-Hutton offers
some thoughts on the
future of our art...
The internal art zan  To understand movement you first need to master stillness. Sam Moor on zan zhuang
Yin and yang in gigong pg25  n the second in the series Peter Deadman looks at the opposites of strength and softness Odds @ the end logo 
A few random items

Tai chi health health  Tai chi can help a swift recovery from surgery      


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