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Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts magazine No 62 

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Letter from the Editor yy By Editor Mark Lanweiler Tai Chi Utopia yy Taiji Quan, as described in the
Classics, is a utopian practise says Fred Behar
Chairman's Report yy Covid, board changes, thanks to Dan Docherty, CIMSPA progress,
Finances and the future.
Teaching Tai Chi in Wales wales Dan O'Grady's tai chi school in the valleys
Radical relaxation pg-08  Brendan Lee, assistant to Peter Ralston on being relaxed in the art Tai Chi and Autism autism  An insight into the internal arts through autism
The Four resemblances pg 12 From a Question and Answer session with Madam Sun Jian-Yun in the 1980’s Love the plateau plateau  The path to true skill comes  from practising. The
challenge is to deal with the ‘plateau’
Tai chi roots marnix  Marnix Wells explores the origins of the tai chi we practice Behind Closed Doors behind doors Tai Chi Chuan from Behind Closed Doors by Shifu Wang Yunkuo and Brian Corless
Chi-pyramid pg 18  Not feeling chi-flow it is not you it is tai chi says Al Simon Meet the Teacher meet the teacher  The Tai Chi of Keith Abraham
Six-harmonies pg 20  Sturat Agars reveals the Six Harmonies, Eight Methods of Liu He Ba Fa Book Review bok review Mastery: The Keys to Success And Long-Term Fulfillment.
George Leonard
Reviewed by Patrick Foley
Chi-full-diet yy Food is an important energy source used by the body’s cells. But food is also a source of a much more subtle energy. says Charles Shahar
The Empty Hand, the Quiet Mind obit  Obituary of Lewis Galton


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