Welcome to the 30th Anniversary edition of the Journal of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. The current issue commemorates the founding of the Tai Chi Union. The TCUGB was founded in 1990, three years before the first issue. The Journal started as a modest publication, 24 pages black and white, a couple of articles, in the autumn of 1993.
From the beginning Ronnie Robinson, the first editor and publications guiding light, offered a variety of outlooks, discussions and thoughts that encompassed all styles of tai chi chuan and qigong. It was this broad stance that helped unite Chinese internal art practitioners from all regions of the United Kingdom. This founding principle continues to this day…. Mark Langweiler Editor in Chief



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Editorials By Editor Mark Lanweiler   Experimenting with priciples From issue 24 Nathan Menaged on working with body mechanics
Interviews with the founders dan d Interviews with Dan Docherty and other founding and prominent members of the TCUGB The dull force of YiQiLi From issue 29 Damu Mtitchel on the power of Yi, Qi and Li
Chen Man Ching: Main man chen m ching From issue no2. Linda Chase Brodan on 'The Main Man' Spirituality and
tai chi
bf In issue 39 Bruce Frantzis discussed the spirituality of tai chi
Tai Chi slow movement From issue no 8 spring 1997 Vincent Chu explores the reason tai chi is practiced slowly Minding the movement of the body pw An excerpt from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Issue 42
The essence of tai chi movement From issue no 10 1997 Ian Cameron on the experience of moving Tai chi sword handling sword From issue 47: Frederick Plawniak who teaches in Strasbourg looks at the delicate art of the tai chi sword
Tai chi and Arthritis pic Dr Paul Lam on his work on arthritis An American Taoist AD In his first issue as editor Mark Lanweiler interviewed Arthur Rosenfeld
Travels in tai chi pic3 Jan Silberstorff on his tai chi journey, finding his master and his travels in China Basic movements & body cohesion basic In issue 52 Sam Moor, a regular in the pages of TC&OA discussed the basic concepts of movement
At the cutting edge dd From issue 19. Ronnie Robinson interviews Dan Docherty
The great heaven circle great Luigi Zanini on the 'Great Heaven Circle' qigong form
The art of effortless power effort Issue 20: Kalus-Heinrich Peters looks at the theories of Peter Ralston Wild colonial boy book Marnix Wells reviews Dan Docherty's memoir


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